What optimal cord clamping means?

What optimal cord clamping means?

Do you know what optimal cord clamping is?


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  • Optimal cord clamping is where the cord is left to pulsate till the valves between the cord and your baby close by themselves.
  • This can take a varied amount of time, ranging from at the time of birth, to as long as 45 minutes or more. There is no set time.
  • It helps promote a gentle transition from being in the womb to relying on its own organs to start working.
  • It increases the amount of iron stores for your baby and helps with increasing the amount of stem cells for your baby too.
  • It keeps you and your baby together.
  • The cord will look flat and pale when it has stopped pulsating.
  • The cord can be clamped and cut after the birth of the placenta or you may choose to keep them attached till it falls off by itself. This is called a Lotus birth. A Lotus Birth is when you leave the cord and the placenta attached to baby until it falls off by itself.