Sitting / Squatting position

Sitting / Squatting position

Being in a semi-squatted or seated position is a very natural position for women to want to be in during the later phase of labour and to birth in. However, sometimes this is more comfortable if you are leaning against something or even having your birth partner support you.

You could also try leaning against a birthing ball with your partner supporting the ball and you from behind.

If you have a birth partner and are together now, why not try?

With your birth partner seated on a chair, you can place your arms over their legs and this will help support you and keep you stable, you could place a cushion under your bottom so you are more comfortable.

If we look at your pelvis, you can see, that as you sit in this position, the hip bones are further apart which widens the inner part of the pelvis.

However, during the birth of your baby’s head, you may feel like you want to close your legs, this can be very instinctive and normal. This is because when you close your knees together it opens up the outlet making it easier for your baby to birth, it also helps with protecting the skin of the perineum.

Also, you can see that the sacrum is still able to move out of the way as your not directly sitting on in. You will possibly feel more comfortable as you can be supported from behind, as we already discussed.

Can you remember back to the last section? What were some of the benefits of relaxed perineal muscles in the birthing phase of labour?

In this position the muscles of the perineum are naturally released, therefore they can relax a little more, aiding babies’ descent through the birth canal. Your legs do not need to be wide apart for birth.