Positions for labour

Positions for labour

Now you have learnt about your pelvis, you may have different ideas about what types of positions can help in labour. Perhaps you can see, that even though we have been giving birth in a reclined position for a long time, and it does work, this process can slow birth down. As we know giving birth to your baby, involves both of you working together. 

Hopefully you now also know, with a birth that is all moving along smoothly, allowing your body to take the lead in the birthing phase of labour, can help this process to be more effective. We can also use positions to add to this.

Before we start, have a quick think of the types of positions you have seen women give birth in, whether it be on TV or someone you know or maybe even a past experience.

  • What types of positions do you think you may like to use yourself in labour?
  • Where do you think you may like to give birth?
  • What birthing aids could you use to help?