Nearly there

Nearly there

Have you heard of the term Transition?

Transition is a word that is used to describe the period of time just before you start giving birth.

It starts from when your cervix is almost 10cm open, we will look at this in more detail, with an animated video during this section.

We call transition, being ‘nearly there’

We are now going to talk about the feelings associated with being nearly there.

In this stage of birth,  you may start to experience sensations of pressure, it can feel like pressure by your bottom. This is because your baby’s head is really low in the pelvis now.

There are some signs that can tell us we are in the ‘nearly there’ phase.

Your tightenings can change.

  • They can sometimes slow down a little.
  • You may have been having 3 to 4 tightening’s in 10 minutes, but now they have slowed down to 1 or 2 in 10 minutes.
  • Sometimes your tightening’s can become a little longer.
  • Before this phase of birth, they may have lasted 50-90 seconds, when you are nearly there they can be 90 seconds or more.
  • Equally, in some ladies, this may not happen, you may just enter one phase from another with no distinct difference.