Massage for Labour – Waterfall

Massage for Labour – Waterfall

This is a lovely gentle touch massage technique that can instantly help to make you feel calm, alongside promoting the release of all the wonderful hormones, that are helpful in pregnancy and birth.

  1. With you sitting comfortably, your birth partner can sit behind you and with their fingertips, place their right hand at the top of your neck, by your hairline.
  2. With a gentle and slow motion, moving the right hand down the spine towards the base of the spine.
  3. When their right hand is almost at the base of your spine, they place their left hand at the nape of your neck and repeat the steps again.

With this technique its helpful to maintain contact with the skin to maximise the effects. You can use this technique whether you are standing, lying on your side, kneeling, using a birthing ball or in a pool.

In labour you could use an essential oil to help relax you further, for correct guidance on how to use oils in labour, consult a certified aromatherapist.

Video Demonstration