Massage for Labour – Heart

Massage for Labour – Heart

This massage technique is easy to remember in labour and is good for helping you to relax or even helping you to slow your breathing down and find a comfortable breathing rhythm.

With you comfortably leaning over something; for example large cushions or birthing ball, your birth partner can sit behind you.

With a gentle pressure, place both hands in the centre of your back and moving upwards to your shoulders, as if drawing the beginning of a heart shape.

Next, moving across your shoulders and back down towards your coccyx, as if you are finishing drawing a large heart shape on the back. This movement should be slow and gentle to help release the positive hormones for labour.

You can use this technique to slow your breathing down by breathing in as your birth partner moves upwards from the middles of your back to your shoulders. Then breathing slowly out as they move their hands downwards over your back towards the coccyx.

Video Demonstration