Massage for Labour – Gentle Tummy Strokes

Massage for Labour – Gentle Tummy Strokes

The muscles of the uterus are continuously growing and stretching in pregnancy to allow room for baby to grow. This gentle finger tip massage, helps to stimulate the blood flow to these growing muscles in pregnancy, and can help release oxytocin and endorphins. This can also help you relax in labour, either in the early phases or during the more active phase between tightenings.

How to perform the techniques –

  1. With your birth partner standing closely behind you. They place their hands between your arms (as shown diagram 1). Resting their fingertips by your naval.
  2. Using their fingertips, with gentle pressure move their fingertips back towards your waist (diagram 2)
  3. From your waist now, moving the hands down towards the underpart of your stomach (diagram 3) and then back to your waist.
  4. Then over the top of your bump (diagram 4) and back to your waist.

You can repeat this technique as often as you feel like. Its important to be gentle to the skin here. Your baby may also like this!

If you are using a birthing ball, your birth partner could sit on a chair/bed with you leaning back on them (only if you are feeling stable).