During labour you may want to rest against something, this may be your birth partner, a chair, kneeling over the side of the birthing pool, or using a bed to make yourself comfortable whilst you “nest*” yourself and lean into the back or on to some cushions and pillows.

Your birth partner could help you get comfortable and change positions whenever you feel like moving around. This may be lots of moving or equally very little.

You may be at a birthing centre or hospital that has birthing bean bags to use, you can also use these to nest* into. It may be an idea to find out what facilities your hospital has and if they have a tour, go and see it! We will look at why this helps a bit later on.


When we create a nest for ourselves in labour, we are reinforcing the feeling of a safe environment around us to give birth in. These feelings give us a sense of security that can help our hormones work more effectively. We can create this place of safety in any birthing environment. We will look at your birthing instincts and the hormones in another section.

If you’d like to read a bit more about creating a ‘nest’ please click here.

Again, when we look at the pelvis, this position keeps an upright and helpful angle for baby to make an easy descent.