Induction of Labour

Induction of Labour

Different hospitals will all approach Induction of Labour differently and on top of that, each country approaches this differently too. So it’s a good idea to chat to your health care provider about this subject and your individual care plan.

Some countries use due months, some use due dates. Around 5% of babies are born on their ‘due date’! Hopefully, sometime between 37 and 42 weeks, your baby should be born.

We will look at both the drawbacks and benefits that induction of labour may offer in general, for any further detailed advice or guidance please speak with your health care provider.


Before using the drop down boxes, have a think about the benefits v’s drawbacks you can think of, about induction.


There may be a reason that induction of labour may be suggested for your or baby’s health, for a medical reason. Your midwife or doctor will discuss this with you so you are fully informed about the reasons why and the benefits.

It may be that you there are no health benefits but you have reached 42 weeks and you’d like to be induced. This is also your choice. It is also your choice if you don’t wish for this to happen.  You could visit to help you make some informed decisions about your own care.

Each hospital will have a guideline on induction of labour and what to do if it is declined. You can find this information out from your midwife.


Everyone has lots their own ideas about induction of labour. Some women believe that birth should start naturally when it is ready. It is a choice. One that you may have to decide on.

By trying to start labour with medicine, you are already increasing your chances of further medical intervention. Equally, your body may be almost in the right place and a sweep or pessary/tablet may be all you need. We don’t always know.

Sometimes having a sweep may trigger an adrenaline response, which is not helpful for your other hormones. However, if the sweep is comfortable then this may not happen.

It’s important that you understand the induction of labour process as this will help you feel more in control if you consent to one.