Cell exchange in labour

Cell exchange in labour

Here you can see again the exchange between the cells to the layers of muscle.

This highlights the importance of having good energy levels and also keeping hydrated in labour.  This allows the body to work effectively in labour.

REMEMBER – If you were going for a 7-hour hike or bike ride, you would go with water and snacks and you’d be breathing normally most of the time.

Your uterus is a muscle, a working muscle. This muscle needs energy, oxygen and water to work effectively. During labour, these muscles will be working for quite a while. They are able to do this job more effectively if they have everything they need.

You are not likely to want to eat a meal during the more active phases of labour, but natural energy snacks are helpful. Honey, apples, bananas or whatever natural energy foods you like to eat. Natural foods are easier for the body to break down to use as energy.

Clear fluids are also helpful, avoiding fizzy drinks. Perhaps natural juices and water.