Birthing your Placenta

Birthing your Placenta

Physiological Birth of the Placenta


Physiological third stage of labour, is the term used to describe giving birth to the placenta, after your baby is born, without using any medication. Its means natural.

  • When you birth the placenta by yourself, you will not be given an injection.
  • The signs that the placenta has finished doing its job will be the same as the video, for example the cord getting longer.
  • You may experience a heavy feeling, inside the vagina, or entrance to the birth canal.
  • You may feel like you want to push or have an urge to bear down.
  • To help this process, you may want to kneel or stand up, so gravity can help.
  • It may take up to an hour for this process to happen, often it is much quicker around 15-30 minutes.
  • Guidelines suggest, that if you choose a physiological birth of the placenta, the cord should not be clamped until after it has finished pulsating.

Later on we will look at the pelvis and see why gravity can help.