Birthing your placenta

Birthing your placenta

Managed Birth of the Placenta


Active management of the placenta means you will be offered an injection into the leg muscle, after the birth. This injection is a medication that helps the womb to shrink quickly.

  • This injection is given around 5 minutes after birth.
  • The muscles of the uterus shrink down into a tight ball, this contraction of the uterus lasts for a longer time.
  • You will still see the same signs for example; the cord getting longer.
  • The midwife will help to remove your placenta.
  • You will be asked to lie down and the midwife will gently pull on the cord, but only when they are sure that it is ready to be removed.


There may be a reason why you are recommended this injection, for example, if you know that you have a clotting disorder (you would be told this earlier on in your pregnancy from the blood tests you have been offered).

You can choose to have the injection even when you’ve gone into labour naturally. It can also be used if the placenta is not releasing when having a physiological birth of the placenta.


  • There are some side effect to the injection these are –
    • It acts on all the smooth muscle, so your blood pressure increases
    • You can feel nauseous

Your midwife can chat to you about your options,  as you may be recommended the injection for health reasons.