All Fours

All Fours

Lots of women naturally get into an all fours position for labour and also to give birth. In this position your pelvis is in a good position for labour, the sacrum is free to move, this gives baby more room. You can place cushions under your knees to feel more comfortable. You could also lean against a birthing ball and still keep an all fours position.

REMEMBER – you do not have to have your legs wide open to give birth.

good tip is to use a rolled up blanket/towel, small soft sponges or cushions in between the joints of your knees, this will allow you to lean back onto your calves  slightly, this gap created by the blanket or cushion allows the blood to flow around your legs and helps you feel more comfortable. Try it! You should feel immediately more comfortable!

In this position, your birth partner can also have access to your back for the gentle massage techniques we are going to go through later.

If we look now, you can see that your baby is still positioned at an angle that allows for gravity to help.  Baby is still moving down the pelvis and down through the birth canal.